AerServ Launches AerNative On textPlus

AerServ Launches AerNative On textPlus

“At textPlus, we’ve worked hard to build a leading mobile communications service that lets anyone talk and text for free. We’re passionate about our customers and that has driven us to commit to delivering ads in our Android and iOS mobile apps that are integrated with the overall user experience. We’ve been testing AerServ’s AerNative and we believe it’s a platform that other app developers will be excited about,” said Samuel Braff, VP of Product Development at textPlus.

5 Steps to Avoid Bad Texting Syndrome

Do you have a favorite text gripe? Does nothing irritate you more than your friend who ‘lol’s at everything – funny or not? Or how about the friend who sends you nonstop pictures of her cat? We love texting (especially when it’s free), but there are a few faux-pas that get under our skin. From incoherent, chapter-long texts to acronyms that make no sense – we started wondering: what are the rules for proper texting in 2017?

7 Tips for Staying Connected During Your Semester Abroad

It's summer and you just signed on for your first study abroad. You're going away in a few months and are already dreaming about the freedoms of living in another country for a semester. But then the reality sets in: how will you stay connected to the mainland once you're thousands of miles away? Who will fill you in on the dorm room gossip? How will you remember your aunt Claudia's birthday without a friendly reminder from your mom? Below we give you our top tips for staying connected while you're living it up overseas!

How to Recover From 4 Common Mis-Texts

Mis-texts happen to everyone. You wake up in the middle of the night and send a text – intended to reach your best friend – and instead, you send it to your boss. In a moment of weakness, you text your crush a much-too-detailed monologue of how you feel about them. Or maybe Auto Correct sabotaged a birthday text to your mom with something so inappropriate, Damn You Auto Correct won’t even take your submission.

Top 5 Things NOT to Text Your Mom this Mother's Day

We all know there’s many ways to say “I love you” to your Mom. It could be in person with a giant hug, a greeting card in the mail or a phone call if you’re miles away. Or, you could also text your mother and share a message with her that makes it clear just how much she means to you.

But be forewarned -- there are just some texts that you just shouldn’t send to your Mom on Mother’s Day. She might remember these texts forever, and not for a good reason.