NextPlus is Now "Next Number"
Your Own Private Second Phone Number 


Real Phone Numbers

Get a second number for your device for FREE and keep it as long as you like. You can use the number for texts, calls and voicemail to stay in touch with anyone. Change your number at any time for free!

number burn anytime - free

Choose your own number and change it as often as you like. Choose from a wide variety of states or area codes!

Keep Your Personal Phone Number Private

Next Number is great for dating, Craigslist or side projects. Never give out your main phone number again to people unless you really want to! 

Completely Secret

Numbers you call or text via Next Number do not appear on your phone bill.

Works on any device

Available for Android, tablets, iPhone, iPad and iPods. Log in across multiple devices and keep your communication in synch!


Download the Next Number app on your mobile device!


Sideline numbers appear on your phone bill. Our numbers never appear on your bill.

Hushed charges for phone numbers and usage (you just get the first 3 days free with the number but need to pay to send / receive messages). With us you never pay for your phone number (and you can change it as much as you like).  You also get unlimited FREE SMS to US and Canada. 

Burner also charges you - similar to Hushed. 

Get the only app that does not charge you for your number or your messages. Download Next Number today!