Group Messaging: Never Send the Same Message Twice

Group messaging can be your friend or your worse enemy. With textPlus group messaging, it is not only fun but easy! No more sending the same message to four other people, with group messages you can send the same message once to a group of people. The cool thing is the other recipients don't need to have a textPlus number! Save yourself the hassle of sending the same exact message to individual people and send a group message with textPlus.

Not in the mood to use words? You can send stickers, GIFs, pictures and emoji to express to the recipients in the group message. With this feature, staying in touch is now easier. Group messaging is currently available on Andriod and iOS devices. 

Note: You can receive group messages from friends on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and many Canadian carriers. Unfortunately, T-Mobile users (and users on networks such as Cricket) cannot send group messages to our app; we are working to resolve this. T-Mobile and Cricket messages will be sent as an individual message.

Download the textPlus app and send you first group message for FREE!