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Since 2009, textPlus has been the best way to turn any Wi-Fi enabled device into a phone. 

Access your account on any device - Android, iPhone, iPad or tablet!

send free texts, sms and mms to us and canada


Choose your own number!

* Change your number at anytime
* Select from any area code
* All for FREE!

Free Texting to US or Canada

* Unlimited SMS & MMS to any US or Canada number
* Create and receive group chats with any friend - even if they don't have the app
* Send & receive pics, GIFs or other media

Call Anyone - Anywhere

* Outbound calls as low as $0.02 per minute
* Inbound calls are completely FREE
* Unlimited FREE voicemail


See What Our Users Are Saying

Luv this app very helpful! I’ve been using this text/call free # app for a few years now on several different devices/tablets I’ve owned. Of course gone thru a few tabs/phones that needed replacement but luckily this app has always been there & I’ve had perfect voice reception+ texts.
— Jaslyn Corbett
Even after (approximately) four years of use, textPlus has allowed me to keep the same number that I’d registered with them when the feature first became available. I gotta say—this is hugely appreciated, as it has made keeping in contact with people and keeping records a lot easier. The UI has always been decent to very good throughout its revisions, and on modern devices, ads aren’t too badly disruptive to the experience of the user. Even if it’s not totally perfect on less important fronts at all times, I’m still impressed and inclined to give this thing five stars, if only for the sheer amount of time this app has been a useful asset that has consistently not let me down. Thank you, textPlus team!
— ChakatAssassin2
I love this app. I use it everyday, and I no longer need an expensive wireless carrier so I’m saving thousands of dollars a year with this app. Also, you can now text and receive calls without WiFi..which is awesome. Every year the app gets better and better and I’ve noticed that all of my calls are clear and rarely drop. I’ve been a customer for 4 years now and I’m looking forward to making this my permanent cellular service. If you don’t have it, get it you’ll love it!!!!!!
— Tyease Brown-Epps
Been using Textplus for 5 years I love this app. No im jot paid to say it...lol. Ive been using this app for 5 years since my Barbershop opened. I love it!
— Leo Nicholes
Amazing app. I’ve been with textPlus for 7 years and they’ve gone a long way. They used to work with specific routers but now they work with all routers. Every bug I’ve encountered and reported, they fixed. It’s been a wild ride with textPlus and now they are stable and work better than any other calling app out there. Thank you for this amazing app textPlus.
— The Real Fool

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It’s FREE~ so thankful for no gimics! Unlimited texting, sharing photos & attachments its literally FREE. I’ve been using textplus for over 3+ years & it keeps getting better. Enjoying the interactive icons with phone calls !
— Zach Reimer