How to Recover From 4 Common Mis-Texts

Mis-texts happen to everyone. You wake up in the middle of the night and send a text – intended to reach your best friend – and instead, you send it to your boss. In a moment of weakness, you text your crush a much-too-detailed monologue of how you feel about them. Or maybe Auto Correct sabotaged a birthday text to your mom with something so inappropriate, Damn You Auto Correct won’t even take your submission.

Top 5 Things NOT to Text Your Mom this Mother's Day

We all know there’s many ways to say “I love you” to your Mom. It could be in person with a giant hug, a greeting card in the mail or a phone call if you’re miles away. Or, you could also text your mother and share a message with her that makes it clear just how much she means to you.

But be forewarned -- there are just some texts that you just shouldn’t send to your Mom on Mother’s Day. She might remember these texts forever, and not for a good reason.