A Message from the textPlus Safety, Security & Privacy Team

What is textPlus? It's a free alternative to costly texting and phone bills.

• A free app that's used for text messaging and phone calling.

• Downloadable to mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android and other smartphones and tablets.

• Features free texting and free or extremely inexpensive phone calling.

• Users must be 13 or older to download and use textPlus.

• The app is free because it displays ads, much like you see on websites.

What does textPlus feature?

• Group messaging for both Andriod and iOS devices.

• User search allows users to find friends or other users on textPlus via their username or textPlus phone number.

What safety features does textPlus provide?

• The ability to block a user and preventing further contact.

• The capability to easily report abusive behavior of other users.

Text messaging is the world’s most popular communications platform. So, we originally built textPlus with the mission of safely giving everyone the ability to text, even those without a mobile phone. Many people use textPlus on an iPod touch or an iPad, devices that don’t feature phone calling at all. Others use textPlus on a smartphone instead of their native text messenger to save money on texting fees. Why? Because textPlus is free to download and generally free to use. How can we do this? Well, like many web services, we display ads within textPlus.

textPlus users can call each other for free, and call people to (or receive calls from) traditional phones for a fraction of the cost. We give our users free phone numbers just like a regular phone carrier. Even if you can't afford $100 a month for a mobile plan, you can now stay in touch with friends and family using textPlus as an affordable alternative.

Another feature of textPlus is group messaging, which is an ongoing text conversation between many people. Every message goes to everyone, and every reply to that message is sent to everyone in the group. Our users can use textPlus to create family groups, allowing them to easily stay in touch with their entire family. Dinner's at 6? Let everyone know with one message. Dad's going to be late? He can reply and let everyone know with one message. 

textPlus Safety

As we bring people together, we’re committed to keeping our users safer and more secure, and preventing the misuse of textPlus. We’ve therefore included easy-to-navigate safety features and technologies within textPlus, and partnered with leading safety organizations and law enforcement. We believe in using technology to enhance communication, however, we do not tolerate abuse of our service.

These tips provide you with useful safety information and resources to help you learn how you can keep yourself, your friends, and your family safer. We encourage you to read through them and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Safety, Security and Privacy Team at abuse@textplus.com.

Reported harassment, bullying, threatened violence, nudity, racially insensitive dialogue and hate language will be investigated, acted upon and may result in immediate suspension or termination of an offending user’s account. Any suspected criminal activity will be reported directly to law enforcement and the user’s account immediately terminated and preserved for possible criminal investigations.