How to Recover From 4 Common Mis-Texts

Mis-texts happen to everyone. You wake up in the middle of the night and send a text – intended to reach your best friend – and instead, you send it to your boss. In a moment of weakness, you text your crush a much-too-detailed monologue of how you feel about them. Or maybe Auto Correct sabotaged a birthday text to your mom with something so inappropriate, Damn You Auto Correct won’t even take your submission.

Whatever the case, you can find at least some small solace in the fact that we’ve all been there – and don’t worry, there are ways to recover tactfully from a text misfire! Here’s how to re-coop from 4 common mis-texts we all make:

1. Family #FAIL: In an instant, that romantic text to your S.O. can become a tough-to-recover from cringe-fest when you accidentally and unintentionally send the text to your Mom.

OPTION A: If you can’t blame Auto Correct, or some rare Tourette-text condition you’ve developed, it’s probably best to apologize and explain that the text was – obviously – intended for someone else.

OPTION B: Dog gif.

2. S.O. #FAIL: Yikes – maybe your relationship isn’t going so well, but that doesn’t mean your S.O. deserves to hear about it via a trust-shattering text.

OPTION A: Use the opportunity to have a truthful one-on-one. Are your days as a couple numbered, or is this the time to finally get serious and work out the kinks? Maybe the mis-text is a golden opportunity in disguise.

OPTION B: Face palm gif. Followed by an I’m-sorry gif. Followed by a big whale emoticon.

3. Work #FAIL: You’ve had a hard day’s work, so who could blame you for texting your friend about what a jerk your boss has been? But your exhaustion hasn’t helped the situation when you accidentally text your frustrations directly to your boss.

OPTION A: Honesty and humility. ‘Wow, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to send that. Just having a bad day. I really appreciate my job and this won’t happen again.’

OPTION B: “P.S. I quit.” Followed by an ‘I quit’ gif (yes, they exist.)

4. Major Auto Correct #FAIL: It doesn’t matter who you’re texting when you have a serious #ACFail. An innocent remark on your favorite brands of pen can quickly become something entirely NSFW.

OPTION A: Apologize, blame Auto Correct, and laugh it off as needed. Turn off Auto Correct.

OPTION B: Submit to DYAC. Turn off Auto Correct. Send this gif.