Differences between traditional 911 service and dialling 9-1-1 via the textPlus app

With traditional phone services, your 911 call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. With textPlus, your 911 call is forwarded to a third-party operator who will route your call to the appropriate emergency response centre (anywhere in the country).

Remember to verify your location

Because you can move your device with the textPlus app installed between locations, the emergency operator will not have your name, location or contact information available. You must immediately inform the emergency operator of your location and contact particulars any time you call 911. Do not risk sending emergency services to the wrong location.

Be prepared during any service interruption

textPlus calling service depends not only on your continued use of the app, but also on Internet connectivity and power to function. In the event of power, network, or Internet outages (including congestion), or if your service is suspended due to non-usage, you may experience a failure, disruption or delay in your 911 service. We recommend that you keep an alternative phone service (such as a cellular telephone) handy to increase the reliability of your access to emergency services during any service interruption.

Do not disconnect

Until you are told to do so by an emergency dispatcher, do not disconnect your 911 call. If you are inadvertently disconnected, call back immediately.

Inform other people

You must notify members of your household and other potential users of your textPlus service of the nature and limitations of 911 emergency calls.

Limitations of Liability

textPlus limits our liability to you in respect of our 911 service, as we do not have any control over whether, or the manner in which, calls using our 911 service are answered or addressed by any local emergency response centre. We rely on third parties to assist in routing 911 calls to local emergency response centers and third party call centers. Prior to registering for textPlus service, you must review the full text of applicable limitations of liability set out in the Terms of Service.